HTML5 training

During this training session, participants will learn how to make use of HTML5 and associated technologies to build mobile Web applications, and discover what new APIs are under development in W3C that will make Web applications an even more appealing alternative to native development on mobiles.

Participants will also learn how they can ensure these technologies match their needs and help get them more quickly deployed by contributing test cases.

HTML5 interop

During the two-day interop, come and...
  • ... Run test plans

  • ... Exchange your best practices on web application development:
    • Matrix of coverage for supported HTML5 features
    • Test  <video>, <audio>, form inputs, application cache, device orientation, web storage, web sockets...
    • Test geolocation capabilities
    • User interface recommandations and API
    • ... and more!
  • ... Improve your experiences by testing your webapps on various devices and operating systems:
    • Tablets (Android)
    • iPhone / iOS
    • Android mobile phones
    • Windows phones
    • Blackberry
    • BADA
    • ...
  • ... Practice and develop test cases for the new W3C testing frameworkI

Who will come?

Key stakeholders will attend the 3-day event:

  • Handset vendors
  • Mobile operators
  • Developers
  • ...
More background details are available on the W3C website.